How nurses can squeeze a full summer into one glorious day off


Nurses, we feel for you. Watching summer pass you by, day in and day out….

Yes, it’s an injustice. That’s why we want to help you experience summer in all of its heat-soaked glory before fall sets in—even if you have just one free day to binge on all things summer.

Allow us to introduce you to…

The 24 hours of summer.

It’s not a perfect alternative to an extended summer, but you will walk away with a (sort of) tan, so not all is lost:


1. Wake up. Double-fist a cup of coffee and a mimosa (we’ll call this “brunch”).


2. Hustle over to the nearest salon for a spray tan (you didn’t think we’d subject you to actual UV exposure, did you?). Now, if you had the time, we would recommend that you transition slowly but steadily from “imprisoned for two months” to “bronzed god/goddess.”

But you don’t.

So, go big and opt for whatever shade simply screams “Caribbean vacation on the regular.” It’ll fade anyway.


3. Now that you’re no longer translucent, the time has come to hit the beach. Or lake. Or pool.

Okay, just find a lawn with a hose.

Anyway, before heading out, be sure to gather your entire summer reading list so you can finally read each book—cover to cover. Just be sure to skip over all the stuff in the middle. You can watch the movie later.


4. Don’t spend too much time in the heat, since you’re going to need the energy for a quick bike ride—ideally, toward a lemonade stand (no need to actually make it there), with a popsicle in hand.

More than anything, the point is to take a lot of Instagram-worthy photos the other nurses on your unit can “ooh” and “aah” over. If said photos require that you commandeer a selfie stick—so be it.


5. Find some grass. Roll in it for a bit. If you can locate a Frisbee, BONUS POINTS.


6. Summer is all about exploring new hobbies. So we figured we’d set aside a one- to two-hour block for it. That said, since time is limited, we urge you to be reasonable. Tapestry-making? Not so much. Aviation? Pass (for now). Soap-making? Now we’re talking. 


7. Nap for seven minutes or so. Preferably in a hammock.


8. Of course, no summer is complete without a barbecue—only this part can get tricky. Especially if your 24 hours of summer falls on a Tuesday. So, let’s just work on getting one friend there (one friend, that’s all you need) and focus on the food, because everybody knows that’s the best part.

Now, since it really is best that each person uses only one plate (who wants to do dishes?), we suggest you throw together a light summer salad.

Here’s our recipe for a light summer salad:

Top a bed of arugula with corn, watermelon, hot dog (chopped) and peach cobbler. Dress with ketchup and mustard, adding a pinch of salt and pepper (to taste).


9. We love the idea of a classic, drive-in movie theater experience. But time is of the essence, so we recommend that you park your car in the driveway and just prop an iPad up on the dashboard.

Also, try to act fazed if there’s a particularly grisly scene, will you?


10. Since not everybody has fireflies, and catching regular flies is both gross and pretty rigorous exercise, we suggest you end your 24 hours of summer with a nice stargazing session. Worst-case scenario? Dangle a few string lights from a tree to stare at—they really are the next best thing.


Nurses—what crucial summer activity are we missing? Throw it into the comments section below!

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