How do I deal with a cussing coworker?

People who swear often in their everyday language are sometimes referred to as sailors, those people who usually work on boats, sail things and bear the stigma of swearing a lot. That doesn’t stop some nurses from swearing like sailors. If you’re experiencing one of these sailor-wannabes in your workplace and it’s offensive to you and your patients, take direct action.
Try having an honest discussion with the cussing coworker. Explain that you don’t like the words he or she says. Make sure to be positive in your message:

“I like you, but I cringe when I hear you swear. Not only do I dislike the words you use, but I worry that you may get in trouble or fired because of it.”

Stay on message. Don’t threaten your coworker. Just try reasoning with the person and be honest about your concern.

If your coworker swears at you, just politely ask him or her to maintain professionalism. Do your best to avoid getting riled up. If this makes the person even more aggravated, walk away. Others will note the coworker’s unprofessional behavior in due time.

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