How do I deal with a hypochondriac patient?

A hypochondriac patient can be frustrating to handle. As a caregiver, you’ll always want to make sure your patient is safe. A hypochondriac may “cry wolf” seven out of eight times, but may actually have a legitimate concern the eighth time.
Here are some tips for dealing with a hypochondriac:

1. Listen to the patient’s concerns. Let him complain about his bellyache. Remain neutral but empathetic.

2. The hypochondriac, if experienced, may have impressive medical knowledge. Discourage self-diagnosis.

3. Agree with the doctor’s assessment. Assure the patient of the quality of care he’s receiving.

4. Let the patient voice his concerns to the doctor. The doctor will be able to assess what’s real, what’s exaggerated and what’s fabricated.

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