How do I deal with a slacker coworker?


Slackers are everywhere. They hit peak numbers in the 1990s, but you can still find them at bike shops, Pearl Jam concerts and even at your workplace. It can be frustrating to watch someone loaf while you work.

The best thing to do is ignore it. Sounds rough, but that’s how it has to be. Concentrate on your own work. Eventually, the slacker’s poor work ethic will be noticed and he or she will be fired.

There are two exceptions to the Ignore It rule:

1. If a slacker’s laziness affects your work, it’s okay to tell a supervisor. You shouldn’t have to do extra work on the slacker’s behalf.

2. Report the slacker if his or her poor work habits endanger the life of a patient. Negligent behavior won’t be tolerated for long in a health care setting.


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