How do I deal with an AIDS patient?

AIDS and other such communicable diseases can be daunting, especially for someone in the health care industry. A nurse who hasn’t dealt with AIDS before might be worried about contracting the disease from a patient.

The fact of the matter is that AIDS patients are more vulnerable to the germs and illnesses that caregivers may carry. It’s especially important to sterilize yourself before working with an AIDS patient. The risk of a caregiver acquiring AIDS from the patient is negligible if the caregiver has used the universal precautions. Remember: The precautions that keep you safe from other communicable diseases will keep you safe from AIDS.

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One Response to How do I deal with an AIDS patient?

  1. Anonymous

    This has been one of my biggest fears about working in health care. I do feel much better after reading the response to this question. I never thought about the AIDs patient being more vulnerable to us than we are to them.