How do I deal with an incompetent boss?

If you’ve watched The Office on television, then you’ve seen incompetence in action on a weekly basis. The Office is hilarious escapism, but dealing with an incompetent superior is nothing short of an inescapable nightmare.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with an incompetent boss or administrator.

1. Don’t take your boss’s ineffectiveness personally. An incompetent boss will, at the very least, be subconsciously aware of his or her own shortcomings. It’s quite possible that anything shouted at you in anger is just the projected insecurity of your boss.

2. Take notes. Document every boneheaded decision your manager makes. If your boss does something that threatens your job, you’ll have documentation and proof that will validate your performance.

3. Be the strong, silent type. If your boss is bad at his or her career, then it will be apparent to all. Don’t join in on the bad-mouthing that may be filtering through the workplace. Instead, make the most of the situation. You can cover areas where your boss is weak. Your new contributions could very well be compensated and add a bump on your resume.

4. Validate yourself. If you’re the type who needs external validation, a bad boss may not be able to give it to you. Do not take it personally. Find your validation in yourself, your coworkers and your friends.

5. Learn to network. Your boss is only the boss of you during work hours. Branch out and see what other career opportunities are available. Don’t be afraid to network with those who outrank your boss. Let your boss’s superiors see what kind of person you are. That way, you’ll be distinguishable from your boss’s bad work ethic.

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