How to deal with overbearing doctors

Jochen Sands | Digital Vision | Thinkstock

All workplaces have people that you might not get along with. Hospitals and care centers are no different. The only difference is the stress levels can be even higher because you’re dealing with actual life and death situations.

For nurses who already have their hands full with multiple patients, long shifts and the inevitable unexpected situations, the last thing they need is a coworker browbeating them. However, for nurses who deal with overbearing doctors, it can be a common occurrence. While most physicians are excellent at their jobs and conduct themselves in a cordial and professional manner, there are some out there who take the whole “God complex” thing seriously. And these docs can be extremely difficult to work with.

So how do you deal with a doctor who treats you as an intellectual inferior, bosses you around like a child, or is just flat out mean? While every situation and doctor is different, here are a few tips that can help you when an overbearing doctor makes your work life toxic.

Don’t Get Emotional –>

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