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How To Identify The Onset Of Alzheimer’s Disease


Neuropsychological Testing for Alzheimer’s

If someone is beginning to show early signs of cognitive decline and memory loss, early intervention could make a big difference in their outcome. One of the best ways to detect Alzheimer’s early is extensive neuropsychological testing. Detailed assessments from trained neuropsychologists can pinpoint subtle problems with memory and cognitive processing. Problems with episodic memory, language, and semantic knowledge, executive functions, attention, working memory, and visuospatial reasoning can identify mild cognitive impairment and prodromal Alzheimer’s. It can also help distinguish Alzheimer’s from other forms of dementia like Lewy body dementia and Pick’s disease.


Early Testing & Early Treatment

If you’re worried that a parent or grandparent may be developing Alzheimer’s disease, it’s always a good idea to have them, visit a neurologist. The neurologist will be able to assess their symptoms, then refer them for a neuropsychological assessment. Identifying the disease early will allow them to start receiving treatments that can help slow the disease’s progression and mitigate their symptoms.

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