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Color, fabric, print, trim and fit are all factors that can affect how nice you look in a set of scrubs. But it’s the pockets that you will end up loving or hating at the end of the day (or halfway through your shift!). The number, size, shape and placement of pockets can make or break your nursing outfit from a practical standpoint. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular pocket designs.

Patch Pocket
This is the most ubiquitous pocket style for scrubs. The rectangular patch pocket is roomy enough to hold a huge variety of tools you use at work each day. Plus, since the pocket is right there in front with no flaps or twiddly bits, you can always reach in easily without fighting fabric. The downside is that stuff can fall out. Some nurses sew (or glue) Velcro along the inner edge of their patch pockets to cut down on lost items.

Kaleidoscope Top


Hidden Pocket
This is sometimes called a “kangaroo” pocket, even though the term really refers to a single pocket that spans the front of a garment (like what you would see on a pullover hoodie). On scrubs like this Purrr-licious top, the two pockets are separate. The pockets are located underneath the top layer of scrubs fabric instead of being slapped on the outside like a patch pocket. A hidden pocket is often accessible through a princess seam on a fitted top. This places the pocket closer to the center line of the body than a true side pocket. It also means the pocket opening is slanted slightly so you can reach in without bending your arm or wrist at an uncomfortable angle. This style of pocket is good at keeping items secure.



Chest Pocket
This is one of the most common pocket styles for unisex tops. It can be useful for small items, but this isn’t necessarily the best pocket for women’s scrubs. The placement can be especially awkward for nurses who have a larger bosom.

Unisex V-Neck Top


Accessory Pocket
A patch pocket, chest pocket or pants pocket can be turned into an accessory pocket with a little well-placed stitching or a “pocket-within-a-pocket” design. One has a cell phone compartment, and the other, a pen holder. Other scrubs have scissors pockets and even one for your iPod.

Mock Wrap Tunic

Scoop Neck Top


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