How to wear a weskit


The weskit—or waistcoat—is a very old-fashioned garment that you may be familiar with from local Renaissance festivals or period films (Colin Firth cuts a fine figure in one!). But it’s also an item of apparel that has worked its way into the scrubs marketplace. So what exactly is a weskit, and how can you wear one at work without looking weird?
A Vest by Any Other Name
Traditionally, a weskit is a vest with a lower edge that sits somewhere between the waist and the hip. However, today’s versions of the waistcoat top may have short or long sleeves rather than being sleeveless. The short-sleeve weskit is the most common variety in scrubs fashion. It’s basically a button-front blouse that is meant to be worn out rather than tucked in. The front edges are generally notched to create an inverted “V” shape at the bottom center hem. The garment typically has shaped seams and/or back elastic to provide contouring. Here’s a modern example from Cherokee:

Cherokee Top


What Body Shapes Suit the Weskit?

This short blouse is great for petite women and those with a high waist. The short length of the top makes your legs appear longer. It’s also a good look if you have an hourglass figure—or if you’re thin and want to appear to have more curves. Longer-style weskits (like the one from Cherokee shown here) that reach the hip and don’t have a deep front notch offer structure to cover up a rounded tummy.

Short Sleeve Weskit


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