How well do you know the nurses of Mercy?


Each hospital has its bag of dirty laundry. ‘Airing’ its share of secrets, scandal and outrageous behavior every week on NBC has been the highly entertaining (we think!) nursing staff at the fictitious hospital, Mercy.
With Mercy off the air until April 21st, we thought we’d help you quench your nursing drama cravings (it’s so delicious when it’s not your own unit!) by testing your knowledge. Are you up for the challenge?

How well do you know the nurses of Mercy?

Which bar do the nurses of Mercy Hospital like to frequent?

Victims of a night club fire are brought in dead or dying on stretchers. Refusing to take death for an answer, Veronica gets to work on a patient, Erika. When Dr. Sands tells her that Erika has been unconscious for too long, what does Veronica do?

Which nurse is mortified to find her picture with the word "whore" scrawled on it taped to Mercy's front door?

Sonia is assigned to Trevor, a patient with a severe and dangerous sleepwalking condition. Afraid that his sleepwalking could result in death, his mother insists he move back in with her. Taking sympathy on this 30-something-year-old, Sonia does what to solve his housing predicament?

When Veronica is caught stealing syringes, what is her excuse?

When a little girl named Cydie is hit by a car, she ends up loosing her spleen. Sonia tells her that she lost hers, too. How did Sonia loose her spleen?

After extracting a bowling pin from a patient, which nurse is dubbed 'The Butt Whisperer' by Angel?

Sonia is hired to be a private nurse for Lauren — a very affluent patient. What does Lauren suffer from?

When 11-year-old Molly is diagnosed with gonorrhea, Veronica discovers that her mother, Tammy, has been pimping Molly out for sex. What does Veronica do?

When patient Donna, a chronic drinker, loses a doll that she believes to be her baby, which nurse searches the hospital top to bottom to retrieve the doll?


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