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Humor: Get one of our favorite jokes on a t-shirt


There’s nothing worse than working your rear off for a patient, only to have them insist on going over your head and speaking to a doctor instead. Actually, it’s just as annoying when new patients do it right off the bat as well! While there is definitely a nice way to ask, especially after they hear you out, there will always be those patients who immediately want to go straight to the top with their complaint/worry/suggestion.
We’re sorry you can’t give them the answer we know you’d like to (see below), but you can think it, and know that we’re thinking it too! We loved this joke so much we created a shareable for it (more than 2,000 shares already on Facebook) and are excited you can now wear it on a t-shirt under your scrubs. Or, you know, at the gym or something…

($13 at Askohl)



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