Humor: Nursing memes

Nursing memes crop up en masse on the web, but there aren’t many places to find epic posts consistently. That’s where Tumblr blog Nursing Memes comes in! Every month, they post a few of the web’s best new nursing memes for you to get a chuckle from. Since it’s run by a nursing student, many of the memes are related to the hectic schedule and sleep deprivation of nursing students, but they poke fun at many different situations. Check out a few of our favorite posts below and add a little giggle to your weekday:

What are your favorite recent nursing meme finds online? Link us to them in the comments below!


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3 Responses to Humor: Nursing memes

  1. beti

    I am appalled by the stigmatisation/ageism and general lack of respect shown in these so called humour . Dipers are for babies, Demented is derogatory, they are terms which we really should not be using. Hitting ?????why because a patient is afraid and frightened and lashes out because of poor communication and unmet nursing needs. This is not humour .

  2. bmckinley

    I have been a nurse for well over 30 years now. For the past 18 years I have worked as an Advanced Practice Nurse– I am presently working in a very stressful work environment. I work in a Forensic Prison setting with a variety of patients– some are mentally ill- most are anti-social- psychopaths- and many have borderline personality disorder. If I didn’t use humor at work as a coping mechanism I probably would be suicidal most days. I find it is best to smile every day– tell a joke or two with a fellow co-worker. Go to the gym as much as possible– and always– always== remember that ” Laughter is the best Medicine”
    Health care has changed and unless we find ways to deal with the negative impact it can have on us– burn out will claim too many of us. LAUGH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. L.R. Hall

    30 minute lunch break????? Who the hell has a 30 minute lunch break. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and do not remember when I have had an uninterrupted lunch break.