I Am Thankful – Part 2

I’m thankful for a lot this year. It’s been a big one! I’m done with school – a six-year-long ordeal. Not only that, but I passed the NCLEX and landed my dream job! I am thankful for my amazing job and the opportunity to learn how to be a nurse through a residency program.
I’m at the halfway mark of my 22-week training program and am starting to feel like a real nurse! Prioritizing is becoming something I just DO rather than something I have to think about. And the skills that used to haunt me in nursing school are becoming second nature. I love what I do, even on those busy nights when I feel flustered.

But I’m not just thankful for my residency. I’m thankful for the staff of nurses and managers, PCSAs and LVNs, who respect and trust me, and make me feel comfortable in the learning environment. I’m thankful for those who challenge me without making me feel like I’m all alone. For those who take time out of their day, even when they’re busy, to answer a question or help me figure something out. It’s because of the influence of fabulous nurses like you that I am able to establish myself in this amazing career.

Thank you to all the nurses on my unit for making me feel welcome, competent, and like I’m part of the team – part of the family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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