I hate bad news

I blog to you with a heavy heart today. One of my dear friends just found out that the bone marrow transplant failed on her three year old. Apparently, this means that the little guy just has to go home and wait because he wouldn’t be able to stand any more chemo or cancer treatments.
I don’t have kids yet (I try to write my dogs off on my taxes but year after year, my tax lady tells me that’s a no-g0) but I wonder how anyone voluntarily steps into the ring of parenthood knowing that awful things can happen to their kids.

And yet, it happens to people all the time! That is why there are tons of hospitals out there devoted to children and their myriad diseases. There is no rhyme or reason to it, of course, bad things happen to good people and vice versa. My Grandma says only the good die young–that’s why she is still around. I think its because she drinks like a fish; but I digress.

Does it pay then to be a little naughty? To have little naughty children? Perhaps keeping an 80/20 ratio of good to bad will let you live a long and healthy life…

And what about all those pediatric nurses out there? Especially the ones who work in oncology. How do you do it??? What are your tricks to getting through the day? Is the trick not to have kids of your own?

I really hope that I get some responses to this blog because I am wondering in a world that doesn’t care if you are good, bad, ugly or indifferent–how do we make sense of it all?

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