I wished I had antimicrobial scrubs when…

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You guys, let’s talk about fluids.

Blood, bile, feces, sweat, urine, vomit…nurses know these and so many others far too well. They’re all disgusting, but for better or for worse, they’re part of your life. We asked our friends on the Funny Nurses Facebook page to share an experience where antimicrobial scrubs would’ve come in handy, and y’all didn’t hold back.

“When a colostomy bag, which looked more like ileostomy fluid, fell off of a patient’s stomach and splashed onto my scrubs and shoes.” —Arianna L.

“Yep, this morning when a very confused patient tried to jump out of bed, and as soon as I ran in to grab her, she peed on my leg. Definitely wished my scrubs were fluid resistant.” —Melissa L.

“They would have been useful when I tried to rinse a nurse’s hat that had urine and C. diff in it. Needless to say, I got a stinky shower.” —Karli C.

“Unexpected GI bleed projectile vomitus. Need I say more?” —Anita B.

“Yeah, during nursing school, I worked as a home health aide. First day, very first patient, commode bucket stuck, I tugged…good thing I lived only a mile away.” —Terry D.

“Oh yes….the time I started my night shift in my pristine scrubs when a pt had an obstruction. As they inserted the tube, it immediately hit me right on my face…my scrubs, my stethoscope, everything…had to shower and get an old pair of OR scrubs, wash my stuff and continue with rounds…yuck!!” —Nicole L.

“Yes, when a six-year-old boy vomited on me after getting his immunizations.” —Julie F.

“At the end of my shift, I stopped to help another nurse with a patient who was impacted [and] finally broke loose…while standing…all over my shoes it went…and decided to vomit Mylanta down my back at the same time—which, I realized later when pulling my keys out of my pocket to get extra clothes out of my car, had [gone] down my side and into the pocket, coating my keys and my hand.” —Kay-Lonnie B.

“When I had projectile vomit come at me. All down my front, pants and shoes!” —Rachel R.

“Yes, early in my career when I forgot to put the ‘pot’ in the bedside commode for a patient. I know nobody will ever admit foolishness like that! (Did I forget to say we were still wearing white and caps?)” —Carla M.

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