I’ll get around to it, sometime.

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This quarter at school is all about the NCLEX. How to prepare, to to practice, how the test works. The ins and outs. We’ve been told that the way to success is forming a regimen. Some even say that in order to do well, you have to do at least 2,500 questions. So for the last week I’ve been telling myself that I am going to do at least 25 questions per day all the way up to the end.  Easier said than done!

It’s been a hectic week with the start of school, getting things organized, applications, committee meetings, everything. And as the stress of the NCLEX and our school’s ATI exit exam are looming, but as much as I tell myself that I am going to do it, I just haven’t gotten up the courage, energy, and motivation to do it. I’m seeing Facebook status posts from my friends about how they’re at Starbucks or settling down with a nice cup of tea and their review book, and I’m actually jealous. They make it sound so cozy and I want that. I want to be snuggled up and friendly with my books, but there’s a part of me that won’t let the rest of be settle down enough to get it done.

Maybe it’s the ‘ignorance is bliss’ concept. If I don’t sit and do it right now, then I won’t know how much MORE there is to get done. Or maybe it’s that I really haven’t had much time to just sit with a book, or in front of my computer to answer loads of questions. There are deadlines to meet before than! But whatever it is that’s keeping me from sitting and doing the work, I think it’s about time to get over it and get cracking.  65 days and counting, I’ve got to pass – back to work for me!

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