In nurses we trust


Online Nursing Careers takes a timely look back at the 2008 annual Gallup Honesty and Ethics poll which ranked nurses #1 for the seventh year in a row as the most trustworthy profession.
On the other end of that spectrum ranking in at their all time lowest?  You guessed it.  Bankers.

In the midst of the current public outcry, particularly at AIG this week and last, it is certainly an appropriate time for nurses to take stock and congratulate oneself on a job well done.  While you’re at it, why not celebrate other nurses by reading their stories across the blogosphere?   Change of Shift – a monthly roundup of nurse blog posts – has published its March issue at Emergiblog as of yesterday.   Change of Shift is chock full of timely news items and personal stories written by and for nurses.

Nurse in the World
Collecting stories from nurses out in the world.

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