Indian nurse cuts off infant’s finger

A nurse at the Institute of Child Health in Kolkata, India accidentally severed an infant’s finger — while on her cell phone.
The nurse was removing a medical dressing with a scissors when she “unwittingly applied the scissors on the little finger of the baby’s right hand,” said a representative of the Institute of Child Health.  The parents allege that the nurse was chatting on her cell phone at the time.

Cell phones have quickly become ubiquitous in healthcare settings, with data showing that cell phone usage among healthcare providers actually decreases the number of medical errors by improving communication.  But numerous studies have cited problems with inattention when speakers chat on cell phones, leading to legislation banning the use of cell phones while driving.  Will a ban on cell phone use during patient care be next?

Share your thoughts!  Does your employer have a policy on cell phone usage during patient care?

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