Inside the Spring 2010 Issue


The Battle Against Burnout

Death and disease may be all in a day’s work, but they can take a terrible toll on your soul. Although it’s never easy, sometimes just the simple pleasures of life off the floor can provide the perfect antidote. By Theresa Brown, RN

Generations of Caring

Why do nurses fall in love with one another? Is it nurture or nature that explains why their children hear and heed the calling, too? Here, five portraits of the pedigree that gets into the heart and blood of the people who pursue it. By Catherine Ettlinger

Bouncing Back from Back Pain

You’re helping a patient, when suddenly (yikes!) you’re the one in agony. But not for long. Experts and nurses-who-know help you go from down and out to up and about. By Daryn Eller

PLUS: Being Proactive About a No-Lift Policy • The Dos and Don’ts of Stretching and Strengthening • Three Ways to Outwit Back Pain

Learn more ways to prevent pain here on

How to Save $50 a Day

If you think a nurse’s salary won’t let you bankroll a bundle, take a look at how a few strategic nips and tucks can add up…big! How does $18,250 a year sound?

Nine Dreams and Counting

She left Guinea at 18, but Bebe Sylla never forgot home. Today, the oncology nurse from Houston brings better healthcare to her native West African nation as the driving force—and face—behind American Friends of Guinea. So when Scrubs heard she wanted a new look to reflect her role, we were only too happy to oblige! By Millie Topper

A Dose of Humor

Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine, as the Prairie Home Companion host learned from his nurses after being “bitten in the butt by mortality.” By Garrison Keillor

Hear Garrison Keillor’s musings on nurses.

Off Duty at Odd Hours

Midweek weekends? Dinner at 8 am? If you’re more likely to see the sun rise than set, here’s how to make the most of your free time—whenever it may be. By Nina Malkin


News for Nurses on Life, Style and Work

• Healing Sounds • Cafeteria Commendations • Love It? Want It? Buy It! • Nurses No More • Day at the Museum • What’s on Nurses’ Nightstands? • Tell Us What You Think

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Editor’s Letter

Scrubs Chic Dress to Express – Newest trends for spring include tactile textiles, ‘toon-time prints and beautified badges. Get the latest scrubs style tips, including DOs and DON’Ts, outfit selections, and coming soon our Scrubs Stain Removal 101 tool!

Expressions True Colors – An RN’s avocation informs her vocation, and vice versa. Submit your own art for inclusion in our next issue of Scrubs Magazine!

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