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Inspiration: “Being a Nurse” video


Paging all nursing school professors! We’ve unearthed an awesome video for you to share with your students…and, heck, all of your nurse friends, too (it’s that good!).
In the video, called “Being a Nurse,” Juvinar Santiago gives a sweet and honest depiction of the daily life of an RN. A current nurse herself, she speaks on tasks to expect and what it feels like to be a nurse, and does a great job describing her experiences.

She doles out advice for current nursing students (wash your hands!) and points out that your first prescription will be a dose of reality; your second, humility. She discusses getting used to being around life and death, as well as the importance of laughter…something we at Scrubs know all too well!

Check out the video in full here:

What did you think of the video? What advice or important part of a nurse’s day would you add?

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