Inspiration: Patient pens sweet article about his nurse


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Columbia Daily Tribune (a paper and website in Columbia, Missouri) writer and columnist Bill Clark spent Christmas Day in the local hospital. Though we don’t find out what he was in for in his January 2nd column, we do find out how much he loved his nurse Marieme…which is, enough to dedicate his column to her!

In a sweet and (fairly) short story, he tells a bit about Marieme’s life and what he learned about her. He writes, “Her story is a tale worthy of the season; her patience and understanding a tribute to the entire staff of devoted caregivers — doctors, nurses and their technical assistants, dietary staff, housekeepers, lab technicians and the many others who make a major hospital operate. They made Christmas Day as a Boone Health Center patient a pleasant experience in general, and Marieme made it a precious experience in particular.”

He speaks about Marieme’s love of soccer, her four children whom she tries to spend as much time with as possible by working three 12-hour shifts a week instead of more shifts and less time. She volunteers at her kids’ school, enjoys going to the theater and prefers to use her first name only. Most of all, she loves her job and doesn’t mind too much when those 12-hour shifts often stretch to around the 14-hour mark.

To read more about Marieme and her journey to become a nurse, head over here.

Source: Columbia Daily Tribune

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