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Read a sweet letter from a new mom to her son’s NICU nurses

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Fuse | ThinkStock

Blogger Heather Hucks never expected that she’d meet an NICU nurse while prepping for the birth of her first child. In fact, she admits she didn’t even know what an NICU nurse was! But nurses in the NICU helped her care for her baby for the first five months of his life…and she couldn’t be more grateful!

Read her sweet note to her nurses below:

Dear NICU Nurse,

To be honest, I never knew you existed. Back when our birth plan included a fat baby, balloons and a two-day celebratory hospital stay, I had never seen you. I had never seen a NICU. Most of the world hasn’t. There may have been a brief, “This is the Neonatal floor” whilst drudging by on a hospital tour. But no one really knows what happens behind those alarm-secured, no-window-gazing doors of the NICU. Except me. And you.

I didn’t know that you would be the one to hold and rock my baby when I wasn’t there. I didn’t know that you would be the one to take care of him the first five months of his life as I sat bedside, watching and wishing that I was you. I didn’t know that you would be the one to hand him to me for the first time, three weeks after he was born. That you would know his signals, his faces, and his cries. Sometimes better than me. I didn’t know you. I didn’t know how intertwined our lives would become.

I know you now. I’ll never be able to think of my child’s life without thinking of you.

Most of the world still doesn’t know what you do. They can’t understand how integral you are to the positive outcomes of these babies who started life so critically ill. But I do. I know you now. I will never forget you. In fact, our story can never be told without mentioning you. So the next time you wave your access card to enter the place that few eyes have seen, know that you are appreciated. I know you, and you are pretty amazing.”

To read the rest of the letter, head on over to The Huffington Post. Then, tell us what you think of the note (and if anything similar has ever happened to you!) in the comments below.

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