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There’s no denying that nursing is a tough job—you’ve got to have a caring heart, quick mind and very strong stomach. Sometimes you need a little inspiration to keep going shift after shift, day in and day out! Read through these quotes and stories if you’re feeling burned out, want some motivation or just need a smile!


1. 20 inspirational quotes to help get you through your day

Having one of those moments? One of those days? One of those months?

How about a little inspiration to help soothe your soul?

What nurses taught this mother

Ten years ago this month, I finally had a positive pregnancy test after more than a year of trying. My husband, Jim, and I were never happier. This elation lasted four months, peaking on December 30, 2003—a day we’ll never forget. The happiest moment of our lives occurred in a dark ultrasound room where we saw our baby boy for the first time. I was 23 weeks pregnant. That joy lasted about two hours, just long enough for the sonogram to end and my appointment with the midwife to begin.

Our baby boy, Liam, was missing half of his heart.

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