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3. The best kudos I ever received from a doctor was…

Everyone “grows up” in a different nursing environment. I grew up as a nurse in an environment with “God complex” physicians. The letters “MD” stood for “My Decision” in that small community hospital setting.

I can remember being a student nurse and observing when a physician would enter the nursing unit. The nursing staff would scatter like a bomb went off. Desktops would be cleared, chairs would be made empty and the servant attitude would run rampant. This behavior continued—by my own hands!—when I was a new graduate nurse and eventual staff nurse.

My time in that environment didn’t last long. I value respect, dignity and collaborative care among those I work with. This includes my peers as well as those making the care decisions—namely, the physician.

I’ve talked before about the difference between community and urban hospital environments. It was during my time in a larger hospital that I received my best kudos ever.

See what that kudos was!

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