Inspirational slogans for the burned-out nurse

Feeling burned-out on nursing? Ready to quit your job and do anything, anything, just to get away from patient care? Check out these four inspirational photos to remind you why you got into the business of caring in the first place.

1. “I love for a living!”

We know–you do about a million important things for your patients, every single day. But one of the most important? The love you give every single person you encounter.

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One Response to Inspirational slogans for the burned-out nurse

  1. anniem

    Please!We are not burned out because we don’t care! Or because we don’t know the truth nor because(gag) we don’t fill our lives with service.
    For goodness sake! We are professional people who are expected to be everything to everybody and that is why we become burned out. Most nurses do not work full time for long. They move around, use nursing skills in another industry, move into management-which isn’t a lot better- or simply get out of nursing.
    We adjust to practice the skills and work in the area we love, because there is a mind set-as exemplified by this poster-that the nurse is a creature of heaven, not an employee deserving of fair and equal treatment.THAT is what burns us out.
    Don’t proliferate this way of thinking, it has taken a lot of time and work to start to think of nursing as the profession it is. We are not a group of winged angels sent from heaven, we are people who can do a darn good job and in so doing make you FEEL like we are those angels.
    Please, don’t confuse the two.
    Remember this: If you are ever disciplined by the board of nursing in your state, with few exceptions, that action is open to the public the rest of your career. It can be over and done and all matters resolved-you can be given your license back from a suspension free and clear to safely nurse as you wish. That record is always publicly available and every job application you fill out will ask if you have ever been disciplined.
    To the end of your license days.
    Does that sound like filling your mind with truth, your heart with love and your life with service is really what lifts up a nurse when she burns out?