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Nurse Kassidy


Student Doctor Kimia

As you may already know October is breast cancer awareness month! This illness is very dear to my heart because we have had two very close family friends who have battled with cancer most of their lives. One of these women who I have grown close to told me that before her mastectomy she thought that she was going to lose her womanhood. But after the procedure she felt liberated. She felt like a warrior. She felt like a fighter. She told me that her breasts didn’t define her. Who she was defined her. I had never felt inspired hearing those words because women are seen as objects… mere representation of body parts instead of whole human beings. Similarly patients are often times defined by their disease. They become statistics, room numbers, and pages in books we are taught from. But as healthcare providers of today’s generation we must remember incorporate humanity back into medicine. We can’t objectify and dehumanize our patients; instead we must empower them. So I stand here in solidarity with all of my warriors to remind them that no matter what your beautiful soul will always shine bright.

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Nurse Maria


. • I’ve been wearing Cherokee since I was first a CNA at the age of 16, and I’ve yet to find a pair of scrubs they make that I don’t love. . • Cherokee was my go to scrub line when I was younger because they were comfy, stylish, and didn’t break my bank. To this day, they are the first scrubs I reach for when it’s time for work. . •They not only make amazing scrubs, but they’re a company I’m beyond happy to associate with. This company collaborates to raise money for diseases and disasters that occur around the world, donate scrubs and medical equipment to those in need, and they’ve also helped connect thousands of people together for many causes. . • @cherokeeuniforms is a company I L O V E. . . . . . #cherokeebrandambassador #cherokeeuniforms #cherokeefamily #cherokeecares #lovemylife #lovemyscrubs #scrubselfie #comfyscrubs #scrublife #stylishscrubs #newnurse #nurse #newgrad #littmann #fitnurse A post shared by Maria Owen (@mariasundae) on

Student Nurse Jennifer

It’s official – I’m a senior in nursing school! One year from today, I’ll be taking my final nursing course, eagerly looking forward to graduation, preparing for the NCLEX, and making the transition into becoming a registered nurse! (Just thinking about the title Jennifer, BSN, RN gives me the chills!) • A year ago from today, I was starting my second session at Chamberlain. I was scared, nervous, and anxious, but was SO excited to be on this emotional and physical roller coaster to become a nurse! Since then, it’s proven to be just that, but rewarding in so many ways. • As I reflect on this past year, I can honestly say I’ve learned a few things about myself. Not only that, but I’ve also accomplished things that once scared me. Nursing school has changed how I see the world, interact with people, and to think critically in many situations outside of school and work. I’ve learned that it’s okay to make mistakes and that I should learn and grow from them. • It’s bittersweet that I’m at this point in my nursing education. I love the routine of going to school for lecture, being able to observe other nurses at clinical, and interacting with my peers. At the same time, I’m eager to be on my own as a RN caring for my own patients. With that being said, I would like to make 4 goals to accomplish before graduation next December: 1️⃣ Obtain honor roll/Dean’s list 2️⃣ Determine my favorite specialty and… 3️⃣ Have a job lined up before graduation 4️⃣ Pass the NCLEX (on my first try) before walking in graduation (and my 23rd birthday)! • What are you most proud of accomplishing? Do you have any goals before graduation?

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Nurse Sean


I am a NURSE and I am PROUD! . As ‘Emergency Nurse Week’ has come to an end I’d like to say my final sentiment & show my appreciation & gratitude to ALL my nurses out there! I’ve spent my time on the floor, a very demanding & difficult floor towards the end, and am now in the ER so I know all too well of the obstacles we face on both sides in the hospital, most of them being rather similar. Despite that and regardless of ER, floor nurse or those who aren’t bedside nurses anymore, it’s imperative that we all take pride in WHO we are and WHAT we do. Even if many others don’t/won’t understand or appreciate you, YOU should appreciate yourself & what you do! . The things we DO. The things we SEE. The things we CAN’T DO. We try to explain. But it can never really be understood. . NURSING, it’s not for everyone. Don’t get frustrated if someone just doesn’t get what we go through. I too get perplexed and don’t understand at times, “What just happened?” . It’s a twisted profession that requires much sacrifice but the eternal rewards and inundation of feelings in ones soul from providing a necessary service to those in need are unmatched. I wouldn’t dare choose any other profession to devote my life to. . So current and future nurses don’t get discouraged! For every person who doesn’t understand there is a nurse brother or sister out there you can confide in to understand for them all! And if you don’t know one, you do now! HEY! ???. . TO ALL MY NURSES OUT THERE! THIS GUY UNDERSTANDS! . That’s all. Thanks for reading. Now continue to provide your BEST PRACTICE & CUSTOMER SERVICE with PRIDE! #NurseStrong ??? ——————————————————- #CherokeeFamily #NurseFamily #NursePride #Murse #NurseBrother #CherokeeBrandAmbassador #PowerHouseNurses #theresilientnurse #ERNurseWeek #EmergencyNurseWeek #MotivationMonday A post shared by Scrubs & Weights | Sean (@scrubs.and.weights) on

Student Nurses Em & Dex

Our new vlog with the whisper challenge just went up! Link in bio. ??

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Doctor Onur


Nurses Kelly & Avery

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