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As a nurse – heck maybe for everyone, I spend the majority of my time at work. I have my life outside of work and.. uh…work.

My days of the week are sort of blurred due to working weekends, nights, holidays, etc. I mean, other members of the workforce who get to work the Monday through Friday job can definitely tell when the weekend is approaching simply because they are ‘not’ working – heh heh.

Me and A LOT of nurses out there have to either look at the ‘work’ schedule or refer to the calendar to figure out what day of the week it is! What time of the day it is! What month, etc!

No – I’m not making this up. (Ask anyone who works shift-work).

So why is it when I’m NOT at work – work follows me home?

Let me explain. I find myself at home, or maybe not even physically home. I could be out shopping, running errands, at the gym, going out to eat, etc. I’m physically not at work – but my mind and my body are still at work. Somehow the ‘reflexes’ you have at work don’t know how to shut off.

Is It Just Me?

  • Why do I hear the EKG monitor alarms when I’m home?
  • Why do I hear other ‘work’ noises when things are quiet in my environment? – and why do I look around to turn off the alarm???
  • Why do I hear the call bell ringing when I’m watching TV?
  • Why do I have to remind myself not to answer my house phone the way I answer the phone at work? (and I do this as the phone is at my ear)
  • Why do I eat my food at ‘light-speed’ and ‘vacuum’ in my meal – thinking I have no time to sit and eat?
  • Why do I walk at a running pace when walking through the store?
  • Why do I ‘eyeball’ a nice looking pen someone is using – trying to figure out a way to get me one?
  • Why do I still write a note on the back of my hand -when there is clearly some paper I could be using?
  • Why do I lean down and always seem to put my hand by my chest securing my stethoscope – that isn’t there?
  • Why do I try and guesstimate how much volume I urinate? (Was that at least 30cc’s?)
  • Why do I scoff at all the un-real Hollywood medicine antics I see on TV (Yeah- Like THAT would happen)?

Is it just me??

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