Is it time to stop using the phrase “male nurse”?

For many years, the phrase “male nurse” has been used to classify men in nursing. While some don’t mind its use, a growing number of nurses, both male and female, would like to see it removed from everyday vernacular.

In this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat, Katie Duke discusses why she has a problem with the phrase “male nurse.” Hear what she has to say below.

What are you thoughts on this topic? Do you agree that “male nurse” is an antiquated phrase that should no longer be used in today’s workplace?

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Katie Duke


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3 Responses to Is it time to stop using the phrase “male nurse”?

  1. NurseLynVA

    there is one time , that I would really need to know abut a “male nurse” and that’s if stirrups are involved. I don’t go to male gynecologists and would not be happy with a male ob/gyn nurse.

  2. parrothead1

    I have been a nurse since the mid 70’s. I used to get asked, “why did you become a male nurse,” quite frequently. I finally started replying, “Because sex change operations were too expensive.” When they said, “I didn’t mena it that way!”, I would reply, “yeah you did, when was the last time you asked a female nurse why she became a female nurse.” The look on their face after that was usually of”OH YEAH, NOW I SEE!!!”

  3. htarceno RN

    Amen, sister