Jobs forecast for new grads

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“Oh Crystal Ball of Nursing Knowledge, tell me what a future in nursing holds if I decide to stick it out in this school, endure clinicals, study for rigorous tests and basically put my rear end into hock with the government! Oh tell me truly, will I be rich—and famous!—if I stay in school and promise to be a good girl or boy?”

If only it were that easy. If only you could look into a crystal ball/see a tarot card reader/flip to the Nursing Job Forecast Station/read tea leaves and find out exactly what you have in store when you graduate from nursing school. No one knows for sure what the future holds in nursing. Sure, just about anyone will tell you that nursing is a stable job. I mean, where there is injury, hurt and disease, nurses will have a job. However, it isn’t always as cut and dried as that. Nursing is surprisingly recession-resistant, but it isn’t exactly recession-proof. Some new grads may find things a little more difficult than they anticipated.

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