Jobs forecast for new grads

The Future
Never fear, intrepid nurse graduate! The future of nursing looks bright indeed. Even though times are rough now, the long-term predictors for nursing are just about solid gold. Even U.S. News and World Report has named nursing as one of its top 50 careers. You haven’t gone wrong by getting into this field. You may just have to look a bit harder at this time to find the job of your dreams. A few things are for certain: The population is aging, medical technology is progressing at a rapid rate and there will always be medicine. You may have to stick it out in a nursing home for a while. Many jobs are available in these facilities. You may have to pursue a higher degree of education. More highly educated nurses are in even greater demand. On the whole, though, you will find a job if you look hard enough. Don’t chuck that crystal ball across the room just yet.

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