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Jumpstart Your Career with Continuing Education Courses at Colibri


Between the COVID-19 crisis and managing your personal life, keeping up with your continuing education requirements can be tricky these days. Nurses and providers should always strive to keep learning, so they can rise through the ranks at work and deliver better care to their patients.

Healthcare continues to evolve, despite all the chaos that’s going on around us. From prescription medication abuse to legal considerations in nurse documentation, there’s so much to learn about the nursing profession. Brushing up on these issues won’t just help your career; they will also help you better protect yourself on the job.

The platform known as Colibri Group is here to simplify Continuing Education. It offers online courses on a range of pressing topics, so you can stay up to date on what’s happening in your industry.

What to Expect

Colibri Group is a network of CE providers that offer courses on a range of professional topics and industries, including real estate, marketing, and healthcare.

The website hosts an online library full of useful tools for healthcare providers, including required CE courses and important updates in the medical industry. Colibri partners with some of the most respected sources of information in the business, including Elite Learning, which specializes in CE for licensed medical professionals including nurses, social workers, and physical and occupational therapists. Some of the most popular courses include Acute Care Management of Stroke, America’s Illicit Drug Crisis, and Basic Psychiatric Concepts in Nursing.

Brushing Up on the Most Important Topics of the Day

Knowledge is power. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to consume everyday life, but focusing on your CE requirements can help you cope with everything that’s going on in the news. 

The website offers a range of courses for getting through the pandemic unscathed. The “Coronavirus (COVID-19) 101 for Nursing Professionals” course is designed to help providers better respond to the ongoing crisis.  You can also brush up on your “Crisis Resource Management for Nurses”. This course will help you respond in the moment when things go wrong on the floor. Learn how to keep your cool under pressure.

You will also find pressing information on issues and conditions unrelated to COVID-19, so you can deliver the best possible care to your patients beyond the pandemic. Your patients are still vulnerable to stroke, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and other common chronic conditions. 

Consider signing up for courses such as “Obesity and Eating Disorders: Challenges for Care”, “Disorders of the Gastrointestinal System”, and “Nonopioid Analgesics” for curbing the opioid epidemic and our dependence on prescription painkillers.

Nurses and providers still face some of the most dangerous work environments on the planet. The “Horizontal Violence in the Workplace” will show you how to minimize the chances of violence on the floor, so you can protect yourself and your colleagues at every turn.

We’ve also heard countless stories of nurses facing legal and criminal charges for failing to properly document their care. Participate in the “Legal Considerations in Nursing Documentation” course to avoid common mistakes on the job that could cost you down the line.

This year, we also saw a group of violent extremists raid the U.S. Capitol. Before the pandemic, the U.S. was home to countless mass shootings. Incidents like these can affect our health in more ways than one. Check out the “Medical Consequences of Acts of Terrorism and Disaster: A National Perspective” course to learn about these issues and how they play a role in public health.

It’s never too late to start continuing your education. Become a leader in nursing and sign up for one of these impactful courses or invest in a Passport to get full access today.


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