Katie Duke’s top night shift survival tips

Night shift: 1, Nurse: 0

Sound familiar?

Of course it does. Because the night shift isn’t just hard—it clashes with basic, human instinct. You know, the thing that tells your body, “daylight is mostly for doing things, and, when it’s dark, you go horizontal.”

You see the problem.

Good thing this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat is bursting at the seams with tips to help you power through night shift after night shift.

So go ahead—watch the video, then be sure to add your own night shift survival tips to the mix in the comments section below. Because nothing beats good ol’ fashion nurse-to-nurse wisdom. And because we asked nicely.


Katie Duke


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3 Responses to Katie Duke’s top night shift survival tips

  1. Elizabeth Demar

    Everything that Katie said. I’m usually BFFs with my black iced tea until around 0200 or 0300, then I switch to water. Small frequent meals, and walks PRN. If I’m really dragging, I’ll take a power nap on my lunch break.

  2. i.victoria

    Love it!

  3. NursePurse

    My top night shift tip is this: you still need your sleep! Just because you are home during the day doesn’t mean that you are a stay at home parent! So no, you can’t skip sleep to provide last minute child care for your friend. Your sleep time is not a “nap”…you aren’t “sleeping in” when you are still in bed at 11 a.m. We need the same amount of sleep as everyone else (it’s just that we often don’t get it!)