Kids say the darndest things…

Ryan McVay | Lifesize | Getty Images
Little kids are some of my favorite patients. They really do, like Bill Cosby and Art Linkletter joked, say the darndest things. I was triaging a kid the other day, she was about 4 years old—let’s call her Molly. She had been sent from her pediatrician’s office for a “removal.” It was apparent that this sweet thing had been asked the same questions over and over and her patience was running thin.
ME: So, Molly, what did you put in your nose?

Molly: (big sigh) A CRAYON.

ME: What color is the crayon?

Molly: (she did not think this was as funny as I did and releases an even bigger sigh) BLUE.

ME: Why did you put the crayon up your nose?

Molly: (So irritated at this point that she actually rolled her eyes…I didn’t even know that 4 year old kids could do that!) I DON’T KNOW!!!

This was not Molly’s first rodeo. Tell me your funniest kid story!

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