Las Vegas Shooting Q&A With A Nurse

What’s the situation like right now?
Currently, our city is working hard to help all the victims affected by this tragedy. First responders, EMS, cops and healthcare workers are all working tirelessly to make sure everyone is taken care of during this difficult situation.

How do you prep for emergencies like this?

As far as preparing for these types of disasters, every hospital has a policy when it comes to mass casualties and protocols need to be followed to execute proper medical care. Being as efficient and thorough as possible and assessing patients quickly and being able to really identify who needs help STAT and who can wait a minute is really key to having mass casualty incidents run smoothly. As far as metro, our police department is phenomenal and has been preparing for situations like this. They handled it very well and they are still out on the streets keeping everyone safe.

How are the injured doing? Were first responders able to get to the scene quickly?

Over 500 people were injured and 58 people, as of an hour ago, have lost their lives. Friends of mine still have not been able to contact their loved ones since the attack. Not everyone has been accounted for yet, so prayers are constantly needed.

Our first responders kicked butt and got everyone to hospitals ASAP. We have amazing first responders in Vegas who I am so so grateful for.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? How has this affected the Vegas community?

I have never experienced a tragedy hit so close to home. This is absolutely devastating for the Las Vegas community and especially those directly affected by this attack. Our city is an amazing, one of a kind, type of city and to see it be hit with this type of tragedy absolutely breaks my heart.

Everyone in the Las Vegas community is out today donating blood, donating water, donating their time and even their homes to help those in need. Many of those affected by this do not live in Vegas and need a place to stay and I have already seen people offer their homes. Most people do not view Las Vegas as a closely bonded community. In fact, people often speak negatively about our city because of the 24-hour casinos, strip clubs and gambling. However, our city is far more than just that. We have an amazing community that has come together during this difficult time to help rebuild one another. Today, I am proud to be a Las Vegan after seeing how close we have all come together to help all of those in need.

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