Leave nursing for what??

nurse with two needles
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Have you ever daydreamed about getting into another field besides nursing? I haven’t really thought too much about it (well, besides the 3AM daydream I have about quitting when it’s a really BAD night at work) until today, when I got a call from my mom, My mom, a retired diploma nurse who burned out in the 90’s, said, “Amy, there is life after nursing.”  She was responding to a rant of mine over people as BIG business, nursing shortages, and a cut in my pay (all for another blog).

I hung up and started thinking of all the things I would rather do than work all this weekend at the hospital…

I’d love to go back to school full-time and learn to be a midwife…but I don’t have the $$$, and I hate studying. 😉

Cutting hair always sounded fun to me…but the customer satisfaction piece of that seems even crazier than nursing! I wonder if people are harder on the bad hairdresser than the bad nurse?

Party planning would be great–but I think after the first party, I would get bored and question if my job had any real purpose.

Would love to have my own bookstore/coffee shop, but only if I can hang out in an easy chair all day and read.

Crafting (knitting, scrapbooking, crocheting) for money seems like it would fun, but crafting for other people? Not so much. I like to keep what I craft!

And then there are the bellys: how could I stop wishing, every time I saw a pregnant belly, that I was an L&D nurse still? There are just some things I love about my job–so it seems I’m just not ready to hang up my nursing cap, yet! But I’m going to keep some ideas on the back burner, just in case…

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