Leftover food for the ER staff…

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“Mikey will eat it.” Isn’t that how the Life cereal commercial went?

Well, the ER staff are the Mikeys of the hospital. I swear, anytime someone has a meeting and there is food left over it somehow always ends up in the ER break room. It is strange how the hospital always thinks about the ER when it comes to leftover food and not leftover beds!

If they truly felt sorry for us it would be the other way around…

The strangest food combinations can be brought down and within an hour ALL of it will be consumed. Once, sandwich meat, rice, fruit, and meatballs ended up in the break room. Yep, all gone almost instantly. The presence of food in the break room travels as fast as word of a natural disaster. It is almost as if there is a secret flashing light that goes off to let everyone know “Hey! Free weird food in the break room!”

I have even had parties at home and brought the mounds of leftover food or cake to work the next day and sure enough, gone! Even at nine in the morning, somehow cake will go missing. Every once in awhile I partake in the free food but those of you who have read my blog before know I have a thing with potlucks and unknown food origins so usually the food ‘donated’ to us grosses me out.

However, if there is ever a chocolate chip cookie that makes its way down to our group lounge area, I will scoop it up every single time!

Does your department get the leftovers like ours does?

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