Losing post pregnancy pounds

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So because we work in a profession that has a high number of females, it is expected that many of us have to, at some point, work off some pregnancy weight. First of all, to all you fellow nurses sitting in the peanut gallery, it took us nine months (technically ten) to gain this weight so give us the common courtesy of the same amount of time to lose it. Yes, we will still look “pregnant” for awhile. No, we are not, in fact, pregnant again. Don’t ever say that. No matter what. Unless we say that we are pregnant again, we are not. Do not poke our bellies and ask the question.
But I digress. When it comes to losing pregnancy pounds, I always try to do the mind game of “what nutritional value does this have?” Cookies, cupcakes, chips, fried foods have very little. But let’s say that I want a grilled cheese sandwich. How about there’s some good protein in cheese and if I get it on whole wheat bread there’s some fiber. But add a side salad instead of the fries I really want. Even though that might not be the best meal, at least there is some nutritional value in it. Throw some extra laps around the department, park further away and walk to the hospital from the parking lot, take the stairs, you’ve heard it all before. But really, just be patient with yourself. It may take awhile. And if you really, really have to eat that cookie, try just to eat one and wait twenty minutes. If you want another one after twenty minutes go ahead. If your hospital is anything like mine, though, all those cookies will be gone. Temptation removed!!

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