Lost and (unfortunately) found—strange things patients have left behind

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It’s not often that one will find a seasoned nurse in a state of even semi-bewilderment. From reaaaalllly questionable injuries to bizarre patient superstitions, veteran nurses have seen, heard and perhaps even touched it all.

So, if a patient checks out of the hospital and leaves behind what we’ll just call a forgotten “token of gratitude” that a nurse deems peculiar, you can bet your bottom dollar that this found item truly is nine different levels of WEIRD. And because we are a glutton for the odd and unexpected, we asked you to dish on all the items you’ve discovered in newly vacant rooms via our Funny Nurses Facebook page.

What you shared with us was both outrageous and slightly alarming, and we can’t get enough of it:

“The gall bladder of a skunk!” —Sandra M.

“A spear…not sure how he got it [into the hospital] or why he had it.” —Alisa S.

“A vibrator, LOL.” —Lisa A.

“A number and business card with my name written on it, as well as another colleague’s…then I found out he was a stripper.” —Chante L.

“Their own bag of spices! They brought a bag full of seasoning and spices with them when they rolled into the emergency room because they thought the hospital food was so terrible. Clearly an emergency if you have time to round up a bag full of spices on your way out of the house…” —Kat T.

“A leather zip-up S&M mask that was in the shape of a rabbit with fangs…the person came back to retrieve it and we had to fish it out of the trash. He said, ‘It was custom-made for a leather pageant and I paid $2,000 for it.'” —Toni R.

“A prosthetic eye. Damn near tore the hospital down looking for the thing.” —Stephanie H.

“A sack of onions. Another time a guy left behind a note for me inviting me to his trailer.” —Laura A.

“Their cellphone with lots of (their) herpes pictures.” —Bryan Q.

“A tooth in the drawer!” —Jessie M.

“A pot. Not sure why they brought it in the first place, LOL.” —Sharon D.

“A can of cat food.” —Maureen L.

“A dirty sock with $650 in it.” —Jill B.

“10 kg of bananas.” —Kezza W.


What about you? Has a former patient left an unusual item behind for YOU to discover? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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5 Responses to Lost and (unfortunately) found—strange things patients have left behind

  1. VFerloinRN

    Once found heroin, a needle that the patient must’ve stole from one of the nurses, a spoon, a lighter, and one very sick patient

  2. Caroline Hall

    Well, he didn’t leave it behind, the police took it… We had one come in with a couple joints.

  3. Calliemae

    When I came back from vacation, I had an envelope waiting for me from a patient. The only thing in it was a “joint”.

  4. Anastasia Mather

    This didn’t happen to me, but to my husband. He worked security in a hospital in Portland, Maine when we were first married. A patient came into the ED and when asked if he had any valuables he wanted to check, he pulled out several sticks of dynamite, wired and capped and ready to go. That was an interesting day.

  5. HannahHurd1

    I once had a patient ask me to grab something out of her back pack and what I found was the whole back pack filled with needles! Tons of them! She blamed her boyfriend who was a drug user (of course they weren’t hers)