Love and work – the dish about dating coworkers

Comstock | Getty Images

Stuff happens, right? Even though your head tells you not to get involved with someone at work, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Sometimes you just want the perfect reason to elope to Hawaii and get married with the perfect maui wedding photographer. Yes, sometimes there is a happily ever after.

Having said that, an “office romance” in nursing can present a serious set of challenges in an already challenging environment: It can be distracting, especially if you encounter the other person frequently, and it can make coworkers uncomfortable and sometimes even hostile.

Here are some tips to take to heart, should you decide to dive in:

Know your hospital or company policy—both written and unwritten.

Maintain friendships with coworkers, and make it clear that you would never divulge department (or personal) secrets to your lover. At the same time, you should be wary of coworkers who pump you for confidential information they think you might be privy to because of your “special relationship.”

Keep details about your affair to yourself. Should the relationship dissolve, do your job and stay silent about your ex.

Always remain professional. Public displays of affection are off limits! One colleague told me that a few of the couples who did marry went so far as to call each other by their titles and surnames while on duty.

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