Love is…

I remember when I was little my Dad would cut out those cute little “Love Is…” cartoons for my Mom. They would say simple things like “Love Is… Sharing your ice cream.” Or “Love Is… a warm hug.” Simple things, but things that are true! I always remembered how the little things like cutting out the “Love Is…” cartoon actually demonstrates, well, what love is.
A little while ago, I was snuggling with my hubby and I fell asleep on his chest and I was knocked out. It is probably, by far, the best nap I’ve had since I was in preschool. I still call it, “The Nap That Will Live in Infamy.” The stars aligned and all the crooks fell into place just perfectly and well, let’s just say it was the perfect kind of nap where you wake up and you have been drooling. I’ll admit it, I drooled on his shirt. (We’ve been together for awhile, so I wasn’t too embarrassed…) As soon as I woke up, he started to shift around and I asked him if he was uncomfortable. I jokingly asked him if his arm fell asleep. He very seriously replied, “Yea, like fifteen minutes ago.”

Love Is…staying still so your wife can nap even though your leg is falling asleep and screaming in pain.

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