Lucky nurse receives free full body makeover

full-body-transformationA Bartlesville, Oklahoma nurse is the lucky recipient of a head to toe makeover donated by a local “Health and Beauty Makeover Team.”

Lori Roper, 36, is a single mom who juggles work at two area medical centers as well as taking care of her aging parents.

The idea for the transformation came from Bartlesville dentist Dr. Ron Hart, who, while working on Roper’s teeth, got inspired to help change her life beyond simply her smile.

A group of professionals donated their services to help her lose 50 pounds, update her wardrobe, and give her skin a healthy glow.

They also worked with her to make her own health a priority so that she’ll have the energy for all the caregiving she does. According to Roper, the makeover was a “godsend.”

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[source: Oklahoma Nursing Times, Photos by Jay Webster]


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2 Responses to Lucky nurse receives free full body makeover

  1. Dounia Fontana

    i would love to have this kind of makeover. im a 40 year old mother of 7. ages 20 down to 17 months. ive recently changed jobs and have been trying to loose weight. hard to do on night shift. i switched shifts to be home with my 4 youngest kids. i dont want to miss any milestones. also i never saw a dentist but once as a kid at the age of 14. my teeth are terrible which adds to my low self esteem. i did put myself through nursing schooil while raising my 3 oldest girls and going through a divorce and working 2 jobs. i guess that says something.

  2. esmeralda

    I would love a makeover Im overweight not healthy my teeth is yellow I got nappy hair a lot of zits stretch marks moles under my arms so its hard to sshave I cry at night wishing for things praying I need to look bette t feel better plzzz help