Lunch time block…

Some weeks planning lunch and snacks for work is a cinch. It’s easy to think of something healthy and tasty. Some weeks I feel like it is the hardest chore ever, as if writing a doctoral dissertation would be easier! With our shifts getting busier and busier and sometimes our breaks getting shorter and shorter, it can be even more important to plan ahead, right? Going to the cafeteria can take forever and ordering take out can get so expensive! And of course, I always try to eat as healthy as possible just in case someone happens to bring a delicious, tasty, tempting treat in (we have quite a few bakers in our department).
But then there are all those choices, cold lunch or hot? Salad or soup? Frozen entree or home made delight? Then, certainly, you have to take into account the dreaded microwave no-nos. The following items should NEVER be microwaved at work (I don’t care who you are): fish, shrimp, or brocolli. I get so nauseated when people heat these things up and then the entire department smells like a, well, you know. Something super gross and not appealing to the appetite.

If anyone has a favorite work meal or easy snack that borders more on the healthy than unhealthy to share with me…please do so! I am having a serious lunch time food block!

Until next time, happy snacking and may your lunches be long and savory. 🙂

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