Lying down on the job

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I’ve been a nurse for 33 years and I DID do something a little bit “crazy” once…I was in charge of a busy 12-bed mother-baby unit and they were pushing to discharge “couplets” so we could get another couplet in the next five minutes! Oh, and I had a full assignment myself.

Well, phones were ringing and I was being called to the desk to be asked, “Do you have any beds yet?” for the millionth time. I said, “That’s it!” and I LAY DOWN ON THE FLOOR IN THE NURSE’S STATION!

I just did it, and everyone around was so shocked—and then they started laughing, and I did, too. And so I got up (with a little help from my friends), and took a deep breath and went back to work. From then on, whenever I looked stressed, they would all say, “You’re not gonna lie down on the floor again, are ya?”

So anyway! Gotta deal with stress somehow—why not laugh while you’re at it?

—M. Louise, RN

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2 Responses to Lying down on the job

  1. rnpj2000

    We scared the young policeman out of our small hospital when we took him down the hall talking about ghosts.. then the racket in the kitchen began… he took off running out the door… ( later our cooks found a squirrel nest in the pantry)

  2. Molly Stokes

    As a student nurse in the sixties, we were returning a gurney to the floor after taking a dead pt to the morgue (basement).. I layed on my belly and pretended I was swimming as another student pushed me down the hall. The Director of Nursing appeared around the corner and saw us. She wasn’t mad but gave us a stern look as I climbed down.