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Make The Most Of Your Children’s Time When Working Long Shifts

  1. Pump Up the Fun


If your kids aren’t feeling that excited about planning these fun dates or if they simply want you to come up with initiative, make sure you always have some aces up your sleeve.


You can keep a closed bowl with Fun Date tickets ideas and simply leave it all up to fate. It can be throwing a movie night with pizza and a movie of their choice, going out to a fun new location in town, signing up for a fun family workshop (say, sculpting or painting), going to a concert or doing a games night. If your children are up for some challenges, you could even try some handcrafting themed challenges (such as handcrafting together an animated movie character) or make an at-home restaurant for a day. Everyone could have a defined role, and you could come up with some nice, creative results that you can then enjoy as a family.


A great Fun Date idea everyone would look forward to? This article teaches you how you can spend Halloween in the hospital! Your kids could dress up, do a costume contest with other nurse’s kids and enjoy cheering up the atmosphere.


  1. Take Advantage of Weekends and Free Days


This is where you can do all those things that might just sound impossible sometimes – like a trip!


You could choose to spend two days in a great family resort, visit an amusement park for the day or even see a sports or music event you would all enjoy.


If your children are into sports, and you prefer staying at home, you can challenge them to a Family Championship! Everyone will get to move and be active and of course, everyone will receive some wonderful prizes for their accomplishments. Don’t feel shy to make the closing celebration of the championship a time for everybody to handcraft some lovely prizes for each other!


No one said, it will be easy. Being a dedicated parent and a successful nurse takes a lot of effort. But it’s all worth it at the end, isn’t it?


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