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Eyebrows. We all have them, but the question for many is what do we do with them? For many nurses, time is of the essence and getting to a salon is not always an option. Do you fear you’re sporting a mean unibrow like Bert from Sesame Street? Don’t fret! Here are some great tips for keeping those brows under control!

First, if you’re guilty of over-plucking or shaving your eyebrows, now is the time to quit. Super-thin eyebrows are usually not flattering, nor are they in style, so the best thing to do is grow them out completely. Yes, you may look a little “bushy” for a while, but it’s a necessary step for a fresh start.

Tips for finding your natural arch

  • Once your eyebrows are ready for grooming, brush them with a toothbrush or brow comb and study them closely. Do you notice a natural arch? If you have really thick brows, it may be difficult to see the natural arch, and that’s okay.
  • Brush the brows straight down. If they are really long, go ahead and give them a little trim. Then brush brows back to their natural shape. Remember: The one thing to remember before starting is that less is more! You can always take away, but you can’t put hair back!
  • Your eyebrows should be aligned with the inner eye and stop at the end of your eye.
  • Typically your arch should be aligned with the center of your eyes.
  • If you’re confused as to how this looks, feel free to Google “celebrity eyebrows.” This will give you a great idea of where the eyebrow should start and end.

The 4-step guide to painless and perfectly tweezed brows

  1. First, cleanse the brow area with a mild soap and warm water. Pat dry and try not to irritate the skin or mess with the natural flow of the brow. This may make it difficult to work with the eyebrow.
  2. Next, if you’re sensitive to pain, a little tooth-numbing gel such as Anbesol works wonders.
  3. After the skin is numb, be sure to wipe the residue off the skin. The gel makes the hair slippery and hard to work with.
  4. Start tweezing from the inside, working your way to the outer eye. The inside should be slightly fuller. Work around your natural arch and try not to change the shape of your natural brow.

If you have trouble shaping, beauty stores sell brow stencils that work well and act as a great guide!

Finishing touch
Finish by placing a cold cloth on the tweezed areas to reduce redness and swelling of the skin. To make brows pop, brush a clear mascara along them, and voila! Brows that wow!

Do you have a 10-minute beauty secret to a flawless face?

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