Makeup cheats for the tired looking nurse

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There are some nurses whose makeup looks fabulous no matter how hectic their shifts get. Ever wonder what their secret is? We asked Sarah Lazarus, physician’s assistant to New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Giese, for insider tips.

“As someone who works in the medical aesthetic field, appearance is paramount,” says Lazarus. “Every day I am running from the operating room to patient consultations to doing Botox treatments. I have a tight schedule and don’t have time between appointments for touch-ups, so finding products that last and make me look great all day is so important.

“I focus my beauty routine on the eyes—if your eyes look tired or dull, you don’t look good,” Lazarus continues. “I use Latisse to thicken and lengthen my lashes, and it has truly made my eyes pop. In the mornings I apply waterproof mascara, so that despite the running around and intense days, it stays flawless throughout my shifts.”

Here are five top Scrubs editors’ picks for “stay put” eye makeup to keep your eyes looking flawless and fabulous.

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  1. nf1collins

    I recently purchased smashbox camera ready CC Cream. I have combination skin and tend to get shiny during my shift. This product looked natural and controlled the shine – I didn’t have to blot my face. I’m 51 and it didn’t sink into the fine lines. It’s also supposed to help lessen dark spots over time. It’s pricey but well worth it. I love it!