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Managing patient rage quiz part 2


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Test your knowledge of managing angry patients with our Managing Patient Rage II quiz.

This is part 2 of 3. Take the first test, and be sure to look for portion 3 coming soon!

Managing Patient Rage Quiz II
(10 questions total)

When dealing with an angry patient, which of the following should you do?

You should evaluate the merit of the patient’s complaint while you are listening to it to determine whether the anger is unjustified or unreasonable.

Don’t assume that the issue the patient is complaining about is the real issue.

Which of the following is NOT a possible sign or clue that the patient’s anger may be escalating?

It is important to be rational with an angry patient.

It is important NOT to respond to a patient’s anger with your own anger.

It is important for you to set limits with an angry patient.

It is important NOT to take an angry patient’s remarks and insults personally.

Which of the following facial expressions is most suitable when dealing with an angry patient?

It is important to interrupt an angry patient so that you can calm him down and explain the situation.


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