Managing patient rage quiz part 3

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Test your knowledge of managing angry patients with our Managing Patient Rage quiz.

This is part 3 of 3, so be sure to check out the previous two portions below.

Managing Patient Rage Quiz Part 1
(10 questions total)

When dealing with an angry patient, it is important to focus on the issues that are causing the distress.

When dealing with an angry patient, it is important to identify the primary areas of concern.

The angry patient wants you to listen and acknowledge his or her feelings.

When confronting an angry patient, speak loudly and with authority to get the situation back under your control.

Paraphrase the issues you believe you heard from the angry patient’s perspective.

If you were not responsible for the issues that made a patient angry, tell him or her that you will immediately refer the problem to your supervisor so she can take appropriate action.

When dealing with an angry patient, you should apologize, and when appropriate empathize.

Your goal in complaint situations with angry patients is to retain the patient, not to be right.

You should guarantee the angry patient that the problem will be solved permanently.

Some time after an incident, you should follow up with an angry patient to check that all is well.

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  1. Debbbie

    I am good with the angry person…wow who knew

  2. Shay

    Welcome to my world

  3. Becky Gielow

    There is a problem with the scoring on these…I checked the right box on a number of questions but when the results showed, it had me marked wrong. Perhaps something you should look into?