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Man’s 16-Year Relationship with His Doctor Leads to $100K Donation


There’s nothing like the relationship between a doctor and patient. From major life moments to breakthrough recoveries and relapses, providers are there for their patients when they need them most, including all the highs and lows in between.

Jerry Stanard of Northern New York has been seeing the same doctor for 16 years. He now considers Dr. Felix Oben, MD, of Oswego Health, to be a close friend, so much so that he just agreed to donate $100,000 to the facility where he works as a way of honoring everything they have been through together.

Consoling Each Other

Stanard had been seeing Oben for several years when their relationship took a turn for the better. In 2016, Oben’s mother Regina passed away. That’s when he started leaning on his patient for comfort and support. You’d think it would be the other way around, but Stanard did his best to comfort his doctor through the pain and trauma of losing his best caregiver: his mother.

Eighteen months later, their roles reversed when Stanard’s wife, Barbara, passed away. Dr. Oben was able to return the favor by being a friend and counselor throughout the grieving process.

Stanard has been a true believer in Oswego Health and everything they’ve done for the local community. After losing his wife, he decided to donate $100,000 to Caring for Our Community, Right at Home, The Campaign for Oswego Health. The donation was made in honor of Regina and Barbara, but it was also a way of honoring his dear friend Dr. Oben.

He added that Regina and Barbara never actually met in person, but their two families would now be joined forever, thanks to Stanard’s and Oben’s friendship.

“Oswego Health is important to me because it is local, quality care. The organization is an integral part of our community and has been so for many years. Their progress and commitment to our community are evident every day, and this saves time and money so people don’t have to travel outside the county to seek healthcare. Oswego Health, just like our schools, is yet another piece of the puzzle that is our community – one in which many people live, work, and raise their families,” Stanard stated.

To commemorate Stanard’s donation, Oswego Health installed a plaque to both women in Oben’s practice, Oswego Health’s Center for Urology and Kidney Diseases.

“I feel particularly grateful that my mother has been remembered in such a special way,” shared Dr. Oben. “She was a woman of faith whose love for humankind and for helping the less fortunate in her community transcended all boundaries. I hope and pray we can all emulate that spirit of love and care in our community. I am very grateful to Oswego Health and to Jerry, Bryan, and Kerrie Stanard, who by their extreme generosity chose to honor Barbara Stanard and my mom in this very special way.”

Doing Right by the Community

Oswego Health prides itself on providing accessible, quality care to everyone in the local area. The organization has already raised over $3 million of its $3.5 million goal. Some of the area’s biggest and most notable businesses have been donating to the nonprofit healthcare network to make sure it can continue serving the local community, including the Eagle Beverage Company, which recently donated $25,000 to the fundraiser.

President Dan Dorsey Jr. commented, “Oswego Health continues to make investments in their facilities and efforts to support the people of our local community. We are proud to partner with the Oswego Health Foundation and help them continue that support.”

The facility is also hosting its sixth annual For Your Health 5K on August 14th to raise money for the community. Last year’s run raised more than $24,000 with 134 participants, even though it was held virtually due to the pandemic.

Donate and learn more about Oswego Health and their commitment to helping the local community.

Steven Briggs
Steven Briggs is a healthcare writer for Scrubs Magazine, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With both of his parents working in the healthcare industry, Steven writes about the various issues and concerns facing the industry today.

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